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Frequently Asked Questions

The absolute majority of the products we currently sell are eco-friendly, i.e. made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. We are a leader in this field. It is difficult to find another manufacturer on the market that uses recycled materials so effectively.

The shopping trolley in today’s world is the business card of every shop. It is not just a container for shopping, but a way of presenting your own brand. By choosing the right product, shop managers can emphasise their branding, their environmental policy, their pursuit of modern and efficient customer-friendly solutions.

Not everyone realises that the plastic recycling process is faster, cheaper and more efficient than the same process for metal.
Plastic trolleys are much more durable and retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.
Plastic trolleys are lighter, so customers appreciate their ease of use and handling.
Plastics can be moulded into any shape and provide retailers with many areas for presonalisation and branding.

In our experience, the most important accessories over the years have been child seats, personalisation and coin lock.
More recently, the scanning holder and phone holder have become very important. And all these accessories are available on Rabtrolley trolleys

The material is a perfect blend of granules and reinforcing substances, and the construction of each model itself has been tested many times over in a special testing room.
We offer a two-year guarantee on our products.
Our first trolleys, manufactured more than 12 years ago, are still serving customers.

Our trolleys are designed by an Italian designer of functional art.
From the very beginning, one of the main objectives was the ease of cleaning and washing. Thanks to the specially designed patterns, cleaning is quick and efficient. The trolleys retain their aesthetic appearance for many years.

At the moment we rely on three types of recycled granulate : eko black, eko colour, save the sea.
The trolleys in the eko blak and save the sea lines always have a similar colour (close to black, or anthracite).
In the case of the eko-colour line, any RAL colour can be obtained with the addition of a suitable dye and testing.

Yes. We have a verified supplier from Norway. We encourage retail chains to share this information with their customers. Such activities also strengthen the environmental awareness of the public.

Smart trolley models are appearing on the market, ones that have built-in scanners and allow instant payment.
However, these still tend to be environmentally unfriendly models, quite heavy due to the built-in electronics and not very customer-friendly. At the end of the shopping trip, everything has to be repacked into its own bags anyway.
We see no reason to introduce this type of trolley to the market. Our Twinst bag fulfils these tasks perfectly. All you need is a shopper scanning app and the ability to attach a smartphone to the handle. The environmentally-conscious shopper comes in with their own bags, does their shopping, puts the products in them and, after paying, simply walks out with their bags full.

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