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Rabtrolley is concrete proof of how the circular economy can be realised

Rabtrolley is the world’s only producer of shopping carts made from 100% recycled plastic. This is the result of many years of research and testing of different materials and components.

Trolleys for the environment

Rabtrolley story – How it all started

After over thirty years of activity, after having made many market researches and analysis, in 2011 Rabugino Sp. z o.o., launched on sale its first model of shopping carts made of plastics. The product immediately stood out because of its structural and functional features, the choice of raw materials and its elegant design.

Rabugino is a company that that has been established in 1985. Its main activity is the production of plastic components for several industries.

Benefits of our trolleys and basket

Sustainable brand

All our eco carts are made from 100% recycled plastic. This means that we do not introduce new plastic into the environment, and each of our trolleys helps to clean the world of pollution. This is a tangible example of a well-functioning circular economy. All our customers who choose our trolleys are making an essential effort to protect the planet.

Improves shopping experience

For us the cart is not just a container for shopping. It is a marketing tool that customers use throughout the shopping process. Can be the business card of every shop.

Our trolleys are comfortable to use, ergonomic and have a pleasant design. They look clean and fresh for many years.

Modern design and innovation

Rabtrolley is a brand created with attention to detail. Our trolleys distinguish funcionality and the unique visual impression, which is eye-catching, thanks to designs made by the Italian functional designer.

Ergonomic shape of the trolleys, allows for optimal nesting, it means that space for trolleys is not taken up by commercial space. The original shape of the trolleys is also conducive to convenient cleaning of the baskets.

Very special is Twinst for all. A cart that can be connected to a wheelchair. This is a practical solution to help people with reduced mobility to shop independently.

Also of great interest is our Pet Box. A solution that offers customers a convenient and hygienic shopping experience.

We reach worldwide

We have become the absolute eco-leader of the market.

Since our establishment in 2011, our trolley company has steadily expanded its reach worldwide. With a focus on innovation and quality, our carts have found their way into numerous countries across the globe. From bustling urban centers to remote corners, our trolleys have gained recognition as reliable and efficient companions for retailers and shoppers alike. Join our ever-growing customer base and discover the widespread appeal of our thoughtfully designed carts.

We stand alongside you with the latest trends in sustainable development

These changes can have an impact on your retail business—take advantage of alternative solutions!

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