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The brand Rabtrolley® this is a trademark of the company  Rabugino Sp. z o.o. created especially for the purpose of commercialization of the new generation of plastic shopping trolleys for the retail trade sector.                                                                                    
 Rabugino Sp. z o.o.,  Italian capital company, specializes in the manufacturing of plastics and it has extensive experience in the production of technical components mainly for the  automotive and household appliances sectors.

After over thirty years of activity, after having made many market researches and analysis, in 2011  Rabugino Sp. z o.o.,  launched on sale its first model of shopping trolley made of plastics. The product immediately stood out because of its structural and functional features, the choice of raw materials and its elegant design.  Currently Rabtrolley offers the shopping trolleys of following capacities: 80 l., 130 l., 160 l. and 210 l. in different solutions and configurations. The sale of trolleys represents an important part of the company’s activity.

The shopping trolleys Rabtrolley are produced in Poland, in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The distribution of the products for Polish and  international markets is organized directly by Polish head office or through local representatives or distributors, for Italian market through the controlled Rabtrolley Italia srl.



The production plant has certificated its quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 and, for the automotive components, in accordance with ISO TS 16949. 

Conscious and respectful of the environment protection of the environment, the plant is also certified in accordance with ISO 14000.

The trolleys are tested and are manufactured according to standards ISO EN 1929-1,2,3,4,7.



Laur Konsumenta - Odkrycie 2014 / Consumer’s Laurel – Discovery 2014

In autumn 2014 the brand Rabtrolley won a Polish prestigious award Consumer’s Laurel  in the category Discovery of the Year.

Top Produkt Handel 2014 - ‘Shop Ideen’

In January 2014 the shopping trolley Rabtrolley Midi 160 L. won the silver award in the category 'Shop Ideen' at the finals of the Top Produkt Handel Competition 2014 organized by the Handels Journal, the largest monthly magazine for the FMCG industry in Germany. The results were announced at the fair Euroshop 2014 in Düsseldorf. 

Złoty Paragon 2013 - Nagroda Kupców Polskich / Golden Receipt 2013 – The Award of Polish Buyers

On May 23th 2013 the line of Rabtrolley shopping trolleys received The Golden Receipt- The Award of Polish Buyers 2013 in the category of " Innovation & Creativity ". The award was given with partnership of Polish Ministry of Economy.

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