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The company Rabugino has 30 years of experience in plastics’ processing that is fully utilized during the production for trolleys. Shopping trolleys Rabtrolley are made of the best quality materials. They are resistant, aesthetic, and comfortable to use. Shopping trolleys Rabtrolley are much lighter than traditional wire trolleys, thanks to that and due to the usage of the highest quality castors  the trolleys are very torsional and easy to maneuver. 

				Each trolley is provided with a label (on request it can contain also a RDF chip) which includes all the necessary information on the manufacturing process. It allows to identify all materials used in production and it’s for the sake of customer security and for continuous upgrading of our products’ quality.

The plastics used in the production of Rabtrolley shopping trolleys comply with current regulations on the environmental protection.

The trolleys lines EKO and All Black characterize the models made from recycled plastic. Recycled feedstock constitutes not less than 75% of weight of material used in manufacture of these trolleys.

The use of recycled materials does not alter the mechanical and functional characteristics of the product.

At the end of life the trolley is fully recyclable and the plastics can be used for the manufacture of a new Rabtrolley.

The production plant has ISO 14000 certification and it works according to standards for environmental protection.

RabtrolIey:  trolley that adorns the interiors
The distinctive feature of Rabtrolley shopping trolleys is their innovative Italian design.

Modern solutions like integration of basket and handle, simple assembling systems, personalization, choice of color, configuration and material (polycarbonate provides a unique aesthetic effect – the transparency ) distinguish Rabtrolley products on the market. Thanks to these features the store furnished with Rabtrolley shopping trolleys looks remarkably: friendlier, more cheerful,  more elegant and just stands out   from  other "ordinary shops”.

Beside a wide range of colors, that gives an unique possibility of matching trolley Rabtrolley to the store’s design, a trolley can be personalized with  a label with the shop’s name and / or logo in front of the basket (trolleys Mini 80 l. and Samba 130 l.),  on the handle and /or  on lateral ovals of the trolley  (trolleys with a capacity of 160 and 210 l.).  Thanks to its stylish design and possibility of individual adaptation of the trolley to the character the store, the Customer receive not only a simple functional shopping trolley, but the trolley that adorns the store’s interior.
Shopping trolleys Rabtrolley are manufactured as a standard in following colors: red, blu, light green, orange. Shopping trolleys with baskets made of polypropylene are also available in black. Baskets made of polycarbonate are characterized by the transparency effect. Such a polycarbonate basket can be also made in a standard version transparent colorless. 

				On Customer request, for large orders, there is a possibility of choosing any shade from RAL and Pantone olor palette. Moreover the shopping trolley Mini Basic can be realized in bicolor version, : it is possible of assembling on the trolley a flap and a shelf for bottles in a different color, allowing for an even better fit to the store‘s style.
The shopping trolleys Rabtrolley are very aesthetic and easy to clean. For cleaning we recommend to use only soap and water at temperature below 60oC. Easiness of keeping clean of shopping  trolleys Rabtrolley is their big advantage, because to clean the plastic you do not need any special chemicals – it is enough to take a pressure washer with soap and water. Moreover, the specially designed shape of basket’s perforation facilitates the flow of water on its surface speeding up the cleaning and also hindering the deposition of dust on the trolley’s basket.
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Rabtrolley PANARO Save the Sea

Rabtrolley PANARO 55L Save the Sea shopping basket with 4 wheels
The new Rabtrolley PANARO Save the Sea shopping trolley is part of the Save the Sea project.
The basket is made of recycled plastic coming mainly from the seas cleaning. Each trolley gives a second life to 1.8 kg of recycled plastic!
PANARO is a very handy and capacious shopping basket. Like all Rabtrolley products, it is outstanding for by its innovative Italian design.
It is equipped with high-quality ball-bearing wheels (2 fixed and 2 swivel).
The Eko Black version of the basket is available in RAL 7026 grey.
The handles are produced in RAL 9005 black as standard.
For large-volume orders, it is possible to produce the handles in a different colour.
The basket can be customised with 2 or 4 labels with the shop logo.

14,90 kg
129 mm


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Choose the colour: RAL-7026
Standard accessories:
czarne rączki czarne rączki
Optional accessories:
logo owalne na 2 lub 4 bokach logo owalne na 2 lub 4 bokach
inny kolor rączek inny kolor rączek
Type of wheels: 75a 75b
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Save The Sea Save The Sea Save The Sea


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